Paintball is a sports game where opponents use guns loaded with harmless paint and play a variety of games.

Two teams play against each other and shoot paint from guns
The paint shoots at a very high pressure at about 250-300 feet per second.

Once the player gets hit by a paintball he/she is out of the game.

Paintballs are small balls filled with washable paint.

The guns are powered with CO2
12oz and 20oz tanks are offered with the guns



Paintball is played by men, women, boys and girls of all different age groups
Children must be 12 years of age or over to play.

Children between ages 12-18 will need parent’s consignment to play.

Extra supervision will be provided on the field for children under the age of 18.



Paintball like any other sports is safe when proper protective gear and safety rules are followed.



To play paintball you can create your own game and your own rules, but there is one mandatory safety rule that all players must follow and that is to wear an approved face mask, this is for your own protection when playing on the field. The mask will be provided on site.




In the early 1950’s the Nelson Paint Company began manufacturing a product designed to be used by the forestry service to mark trees from a distance.

  • The product was a capsule filled with paint that was shot from a gun using compressed CO2.
  • The paint marking device was also used by ranchers to mark cattle.
  • The product was manufactured and sold by Nelson Paint Company.


Paintball actually started in the early 1980’s when three friends were finding some way to play a hunting game
without injuring each other. They were shown a paint marker gun in a catalogue and the idea of paintball was created.

The marker nelspot 007 was manufactured by Nelson Paint Company.


The first paintball game was played on a cross country skiing course on June 27 1981, with 12 friends competing against each other in playing the game capture the flag. Since then Paintball has exploded into a multimillion dollar sports game around the world and is the fastest growing sports game known today.